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6 Keys to Reaching Goals

We all have lofty goals. often we raise the bar so high that we feel defeated before we get started.

Learn how to finally achieve that goal you assumed was beyond your reach.

6 Keys That Help You Reach Your Goals

If you’re tired of making promises that you never achieve, this new approach may help.

Looking at goal setting with a traditional mindset often fall apart for several reasons. Once you understand of why this happens, you can avoid it or fix it so you can achieve goals.

Try these methods to attain your goals:

  1. Chose sensible goals. One of the most common issues is that you may aim for goals that aren’t realistic.
    • Maybe you want to travel around the globe, read hundreds of books, and lose 75 pounds. However, many of these goals are simply not an appropriate short term projects. You may not have the money for travel, you don’t have the time to read, and it is not wise to attempt to lose weight quickly.
    • It’s important to set reachable goals. For example, instead of trying to lose a 75 pounds, focus on losing two pounds week.
  2. Divide goals into mini assignments. It’s easy to aim for a goal, miss it, and become disappointed. Instead of doing this to yourself with each target goal, look at it differently. View your goal as ultimate mission, where each mini assignment leads up to your final mission.
    • Create a strategic plan that will get you to that goal.
    • Set milestones and rewards along the way.
  3. Measure your progress. In some cases, you may be close to achieving your goal, but you give up too soon. By measuring your progress, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing more clearly.
    • You’ll be more motivated to stay on the journey and keep pushing toward your goal.
    • Use a visible system to track your progress. Try various tools, such as calendars, journals, or logs to keep track of your goals and see which system works best for you.
  4. Seek Advice. Sometimes you might fail simply because you don’t ask for help and try to do everything by yourself. Perhaps a little help will bring you success!
    • It’s okay to require assistance along the way. You may need an entire support network behind you to achieve your goal. Turn to your friends, family, life coach, and others for support.
    • Asking for help can help you achieve your goals faster and make the entire process more efficient, as you work toward your target.
  5. Make your goals flexible. You don’t have to stick with an old goal. Sometimes goals need to be modified or simply changed. You may change your worldview and realize that your earlier ambitions are no longer relevant.
    • Your environment is constantly affecting your mindset and the way you view things. You accumulate knowledge, wisdom, and experience over time that impact your goals.
  6. Do Self Reflection. You will continue to grow during the process of reaching for your goals.
    • Don’t Be Afraid to Fail: In some cases, failure may be a blessing because it teaches you valuable life lessons you wouldn’t have realized before. Without failure, you may not change enough to grow.
    • Failure isn’t the end, and you can always set new goals.
    • It’s more valuable to grow and become stronger than to reach every goal on your list. Remember, your list will also change, so it won’t look the same as when you started.

Be proactive about your goals! Take effective actions that support you and your goals, and you’ll find that achievement comes much easier.

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