Natalie Shaw

5 Tips for Fostering Your Child’s Emotional Health

Emotionally healthy children out-perform their peers academically, enjoy more success as adults, and lead happier lives. Well-rounded children are extremely likely to have a vivacious future. Follow these strategies to enhance your children’s emotional mindset: Show your emotions freely. The world isn’t always positive, and you may have struggles. It…

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Does Having a Positive Attitude Guarantee Success?

Do you really need a winning attitude to be successful? Being optimistic is a useful attribute and is connected to many positive outcomes. Individuals who do well in school and in the marketplace believe that a positive mindset is an essential part of their success. Consider how a positive mindset…

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Stress Reducing Tips: for Parents and Teens

Although, dealing with stress can be an arduous process, oftentimes it cannot be avoided. So keep these stress reducing tips in mind to conquer any stress that you may be experiencing. Take it easy. Make an effort to eat, work and move around at a relaxed pace. When you rush…

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6 Keys to Reaching Goals

We all have lofty goals. often we raise the bar so high that we feel defeated before we get started. Learn how to finally achieve that goal you assumed was beyond your reach. 6 Keys That Help You Reach Your Goals If you’re tired of making promises that you never…

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The 3 Ways of Being Smart That Impact Your Achievement

  What makes an individual smart? Some experts claim there are two ways to be considered smart, while others claim nine! Which ways of being smart actually influence success and happiness? There are three ways of being smart that have a significant impact on your achievement, and the first one…

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Four Gifts That Keep on Giving

Mentoring with Academic Coaching

Why is it that the sky is the limit for purchases made for our children on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions? The answer is simple, we love them and want them to have the best that we can afford to give them. Sometimes, as parents we lose sight of…

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