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Academic Coaching Services Verses Popular Learning Centers Comparing Apples to Oranges

Hello Everyone,

As an academic life coach, I am often asked to compare my services to those provided by large commercial learning centers. I smile and think,” Well this is like comparing a personal chef with a five star restaurant chef”. I know that analogy will not suffice, so I decided to take time to create this blog post to answer the question. If you are a parent contemplating whether your child would benefit from my academic life coaching services, as opposed to a popular learning center, this blog post is dedicated to you.

Academic Coaching Services, Inc. Commercial Learning Centers
·Free strategy session to develop a strategic plan especially for the needs of individual students. No registration, material nor assessment fees

·One–on-one Service is Standard



·Constant Communication is fostered among student, parent, teacher and academic coach



·Written summary of each session


·Unique tracking system designed to alleviate habits that are impeding the students’ progress in ANY subject based on one-on one strategy sessions with the student


·One-on-one assistance with time management, study skills, test taking tips, organization, self-advocacy, goal setting and self-sufficiency


·Targeted solutions to assist individual students in preparing for the SAT/ACT Standardized and State tests (included in Level 2 packages)


·Course assistance and Essay Writing assistance included in all Level 1 packages


·Convenient Online Sessions


·Weekly office hours included in all packages


· Registration fees, assessment fees and material fees


·One-on-one Service is provided at an additional cost. Small group sessions are provided with regular service


·Communication among parent and director during enrollment. Periodic updates are provided. Unless the student is enrolled in a private session, they share time with the instructor and several other students


·Sessions designed to improve skills in math or reading usually in a small group setting based on assessment data



·Group study skills sessions with additional fees




·Group sessions to prepare students for SAT/ACT, Standardized and State tests with additional fees



·Individualized tutoring hourly with additional fees


·Clients must travel to the location


·Additional assistance is provided with additional fees




Academic Coaching Services and commercial learning centers provide preparation sessions for ACT/SAT, Standardized testing and State Testing. The difference is that Academic Coaching Services provides one-on-one support and traditional learning centers provide group sessions with individualized feedback. Both platforms tutoring services, however Academic Coaching Services includes tutoring within the framework of an individualized comprehensive package. Commercial learning centers provide one-on-one or group tutoring with additional fees.

One size fits all commercial learning centers, use a broad approach to address basic mathematical and reading skills for students who are not on the appropriate grade level or who would like skills enrichment. Usually these organizations provide their services for small groups of students. Individual instruction is provided for additional fees.

As you can see comparing Academic Coaching Services, Inc., with commercial learning centers, is like comparing apples to oranges.  If you have a child who is stressed out because of school and is ultimately causing you frustration, Academic Coaching Services will prove beneficial. During a free 45 minute strategy session, I will help your child develop a specific strategic plan to help them take the stress out of their school experience. I will help remove obstacles that are holding them back from academic success. After my one-on-one strategy session with your child, I will create a unique plan to address their specific needs. I do not charge registration or materials fees. What I do is provide professional one-on-one assistance to struggling but bright students. As your child’s academic coach, I will assist them every step along the way. I offer unlimited emails and texting communication. I will monitor grades and communicate with your child’s teachers as needed. As a part of my service I prepare a written summary of every session. My service provides a unique tracking system with graphical analysis of your child’s progress.  My system will help improve your child’s grades in all subjects. Students are allowed to meet with me during office hours in addition to our scheduled one-on-one sessions. I will help de-stress your child and give them more time to do the things they enjoy.

If you are tired of your child stressing out about school and feel that one-on-one Academic Coaching would benefit them, contact me at [email protected] to schedule your child’s free strategy session.


Kind Regards,

Dr. Natalie Shaw,PhD