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The Art of Helping Children Earn Great Grades

Saturday October 27  at 10:30 EST: In this interactive workshop parents will learn  ways to help their children overcome school stressors. This workshop will also share insights about learners that may dramatically impact their child’s academic achievement. Finally, parents will learn secrets that will help their child earn excellent grades and have an enjoyable school experience.

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What Is Academic Coaching?

The fastest, easiest, most enjoyable way to make a significant change.

Academic Coaching is a working partnership between a professional coach and a student that focuses on the “process” of learning. It can make the difference in the lives of students who are struggling to stay afloat.

Academic Coaches work together with the student to identify what is really holding what’s holding them backs Examining the student’s learning styles, methods of organization, and current barriers to success. With this knowledge the Academic Coach and the student can create and put in place a strategic plan for success.

By identifying and addressing your student’s underlying fears, patterns and limiting beliefs they’ll be able to stop making excuses and start taking action to achieve what they really want.

With Academic Coaching our student can:

  • Improve their study skills
  • Enhance their level of motivation
  • Improve time management
  • Improve their grades
  • Get organized
  • Set and reach goals


Schedule Your Free Strategy Session and learn how academic coaching can help students set and achieve goals and still have time to relax.



Skills That Make A Difference

An important component of our academic coaching partnership is helping your student understand how their ‘use of time’ and ‘levels of organization or disorganization’ (paper, space, and technological data) impact their studies.  This is important because with stress and nervousness it is easy for all of us to spin our wheels and accomplish less.  In the process, living spaces, backpacks, and minds become less ordered so that finding what we need, such as information studied for tests, when we need it is faulty.

It will also be important to examine and fortify some ‘study skills,’ such as:

  • Reduce the stresses of school
  • Reading for comprehension,
  • Developing a successful writing process,
  • Taking and reviewing notes,
  • Preparing for tests
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety


Parent Support

Having to constantly micromanage your child’s academic pursuits can be emotionally and physically draining. Parents often notice a need for assistance with keeping their child on track when difficulties arise. This does not stop when students become young adults. 

As your Academic Coach I help you gather resources for your children and young adults who have challenges with school. My support will free you up from the hassles involved with bridging the gap between home and school. As your child’s coach I will serve as a liaison between home and school, thus giving you the relief and peace of mind you need.

Student Support

School can be extremely stressful for students who work really hard to grasp certain subjects and simply find it difficult to do alone. As your Academic Coach I will help you hone your time management skills and  become more proficient with your studies.

I understand that some learners need a little more help. We will work together to create a strategic plan for your success. My Academic Coaching Services was established to help learners just like you. Let me help you take the stress out of school.



Having an academic coach can be a lifeline for high school and college students. By focusing on strategic thinking, problem solving, and learning to work effectively with others, your student will have the skills to handle major problems that can surface at times of major adjustment. They’ll know how to function effectively in high school and be able to adjust to the fast pace and independent learning required in college.


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